Aycock Listserv Guidelines

The Aycock Listserv is maintained by the Aycock Board of Directors to provide a forum for the civil and respectful exchange of neighborhood information. Appropriate messages to the Listserv include:


  • announcements of events (board meetings, picnics, luminarias, etc.)
  • announcements of yard sales
  • community watch alerts and information
  • news stories specifically relevant to neighborhood issues
  • inquiries about services or trades related to home and yard maintenance
  • inquiries about city services or policies (zoning, code enforcement, etc.)
  • lost / found pets
  • household items you wish to sell, acquire, or give away
  • respectful discussion of neighborhood issues


It is NOT appropriate to send out:

  • personal or insulting messages
  • politically partisan messages
  • any messages that have nothing to do with neighborhood issues
  • business related advertising


If you have any doubt about whether your message is appropriate, THINK about it for a day before you press SEND.

Anyone found to be NOT following Aycock Listserv Guidelines is subject to removal from the Aycock Listserv.