Neighborhood Projects



Future Projects

These are the results of the votes for favorite MSD eligible projects from June 22nd 2015 meeting.

They are listed in order of preference:

  1. Creation of a Pocket Park--Property acquisition of the vacant lot on Chestnut Street next to the Pedestrian Tunnel - 10 votes

  2. Coordinating with the Downtown Greenway project to create gateway features at the Aycock spurs - 10 votes

  3. Decorative Bus Stop at Yanceyville Street and elsewhere - 8 votes

  4. Re-do lettering on the mural at the Pedestrian Tunnel - 7 votes

  5. Sternberger Park Landscaping Improvements to include a Butterfly Garden - 5 votes

  6. Granite curb repair/restoration - 3 votes

  7. Expansion of National Register designated areas to match local district boundaries - 1 vote

We are currently working to finish our previous project list which includes decorative street light repairs/new globes, implementation of the tree inventory, entryway sign identification, and ongoing landscaping enhancements.  As these projects come to completion, the board will move on to this new project list.  If you are interested in championing a project, please let your neighborhood association representatives know.



Street Lighting (current project)

In 2014 we noticed that our decorative street lights and poles were looking a little weary.  Poles were leaning, paint was chipping, and globes were cloudy.  It had been some time since the lights were originally installed (late 1990s).  So we thought it was about time for a change.


The City of Greensboro sent in a crew to sand and paint all the poles FREE of charge.  That saved us over $3,000 per pole.  When you consider the number of poles (80), that's a lot of money saved!


Next, we looked at the fixtures.  Since many of them were cloudy, some were missing tops, and some were altogether mismatched, we decided it was time to replace them.  Kym Smith from the Transportation Department brought us some suggestions at the April 2015 board/neighborhood meeting.  

Open Deluxe Acorn LED


At the May 2015 meeting, we were able to view one of the lights suggested for the installation, the Open Deluxe Acorn LED.  The group voted to install one light at a test location so that we can actually see what it will look like installed. 


Stay tuned for information on the next step in the process of selecting our new lights.